Although the word “university,” may imply graduate training for higher institutional learning, the University has been established for the sole purpose of issuing credentials to men and women as certified, licensed and ordained professional ministers. With this status we may train, as well as license and ordain and commission ministers through one of the noted fellowships/reformations above indicated.

Our emphasis is not to achieve secular accreditation, although we issue degrees for ministry purposes only. Our mission is to equip the minister with practical education for his/her ministry. We continue in this practical path as the means of fulfilling the Great Commission of Jesus Christ.

Although accreditation is a totally voluntary decision, St. Micheal’s Christian University has decided to obtain membership and recognition form reputable Ecclesiastic organizations only. This provides StMCU the liberty to design and offer courses that are spiritual, as well as practical.

StMCU is a recognized member of the following Ecclesiastic bodies:

The National Association of Private Theological Institutions (NAPTI) ID No: NC2018-0659

The National Bible College Association (NBCA) ID No: NC2017049